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Apple iPhone XS Review: The Best Apple Phone in Existence

iPhone XS Full Review

One of the most notable things about the iPhone XS is that it’s deemed by many experts as the best Apple iPhone to exist. Granted, it’s the latest model so it should definitely offer the latest and most advanced features. It’s still notable, however, that tech experts didn’t chew it out like they did the older models. 

While it’s so easy to dismiss the XS (pronounced as ‘ten-es’ and not ‘ex-es’) because it looks a lot like the iPhone X, it’s what’s on the inside that really makes a difference. We should note that there aren’t tons of new features per se, but you’ll easily see that the XS is an upgrade from the older models. It’s generally more powerful and better performing.

I’ve met an Oahu extraction (water extraction, damage, & flood remediation company) who purchased iPhone XS’ for their entire team! The owner said the features and functionality of the XS helps increase the operation efficiency of the company. We’ll look to follow up on exactly how in the future.

What are these updates and are they really worth the splurge? Here are its most notable upgraded features that might just convince you to swap your old phone out: